Acceptable file formats

Files can be saved in their native format as follows:

  • EPS of any type including Illustrator and PhotoShop – preferred!
  • INDD – InDesign
  • PSD – PhotoShop
  • AI – Adobe Illustrator
  • PDF – Adobe Acrobat
  • Other formats can only be used as guides only and will incur extra charges to rebuild


We accept files on CD, DVD & USB.

If you email your files to us, please include a pdf of what you want printed, again so that we can cross check the pdf against the electronic file.


Our digital output devices and printers are CMYK. For the best possible results please provide CMYK files if possible. However, we also accept RGB files, which we’ll convert to CMYK at this end.

If you want specific colour matches then PMS Pantone colours must be specified within the file and on your hard copy proof. Colour swatches are an acceptable substitute to Pantone colours. We will match PMS colous as closely as possible although we may not be able to colour correct embedded/placed art files. IF COLOUR MATCHES ARE NOT SPECIFIED THEN WE WILL ASSUME THAT EXACT COLOUR MATCHING IS NOT CRITICAL!


Whenever possible send your files in “layers,” so that if colour corrections are required we can go into the various layers as necessary to do so. Artwork that is sent as a «flat file» with all design elements in one layer cannot be colour-correct or “tweaked” by us.

Please include all images that have been placed or imported into the final layout of your file. These images files are important to the quality of your final print.

Whenever possible send artwork as vector art, with all fonts saved in outline form. This allows for easy scaling and colour corrections.

Be sure to include all fonts used in your artwork. When using Postscript fonts (Type 1 fonts) please supply both screen and printer fonts.

Scanned images should be scanned at no less than 300 dpi (dots per inch) at 1/4 size of the final printed piece. Remember that resolution goes down by same factor as the enlargement you request. A 300 dpi original enlarged to five times the original size will have a finished resolution of 60 dpi.

If you have questions on any of the above call 02 9892 2490 and we’ll gladly guide you through the process.