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Large Format Stickers

Large Format Stickers

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Options for Stickers & Labels

When you order stickers or labels from Rima Graphics, we give you many options to choose from:

Material: All our stickers are printed on self adhesive vinyl with 3 options: Gloss White, Matt White or Clear.

Format Options & Types:

  1. Sticker Pages
  2. Kiss-Cut Stickers
  3. Die-Cut Stickers
  4. Sticker Rolls

*Quantity & price vary between these options. Please use our Instant Price Calculator.

Sticker Pages

Sticker pages are vinyl adhesive sheets, roughly the size of A4 paper (300x200mm). If you have only one sticker design, your stickers will be repeated and aligned in rows to fill the sticker page. If you create a custom sticker page, your different designs will be arranged on the sticker page according to how you set them up. Stickers will be contour cut and you will be able to peel off one sticker at a time as required.

When to choose Sticker Pages

Sticker pages are the best option when you do not need the stickers separated before applying them. For example: If you are ordering a number of product labels, if you are labelling personal items, or if you are creating a sticker sheet for kids, then Pages is the best option. It is also the cheaper option.

Ideal for: Address Labels, Favor Labels, Bottle Labels, Kids ID Labels, etc.

Kiss-Cut Stickers Singles

What: Kiss-Cut Stickers are individually contour cut to whatever shape your design is, then guillotine cut to approximate size of the actual sticker and stacked as single stickers.

When to Choose Kiss-Cut Sticker

This option is ideal if you need to be able to separate each sticker, or if stickers are being used for different applications. Kiss-Cut Sticker are great for handouts or giveaways. You can use them to promote your business or event. This product does have a minimum order quantity.

Ideal for: Logo Stickers, Bumper Stickers, or promotional stickers etc.

Die-Cut Sticker Singles

Die-Cut Sticker Singles are similar to Kiss-Cut Sticker Singles, however they are contour cut around the design of the sticker to give them that premium look. The paper backing is cut to the shape of the actual sticker.

When to Choose Die-Cut Sticker Singles

Die-Cut Sticker Singles are the best option if you plan on separating the stickers, or giving them away. These stickers are great for promotional use, for events, or to sell as merchandise.

Ideal for: Parties, fundraising, artists, trade shows, or giveaways

Sticker Rolls

When you choose rolls as your format, your order will be delivered on rolls of 250 stickers per roll. Your stickers will be die cut, so there will be no excess sticker material around the design.

When to Choose Rolls

Roll stickers or labels are the best option when you are ordering a larger quantity (250 or more) and you will be using the stickers or labels for the same application. If you are running a small business and wish to label a large number of products, roll labels is the best choice.

Ideal for: Product labels, use in a business, workshop etc.